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Paul Cézanne, Father of Modern Art

Dernière mise à jour : 20 févr. 2021

"I work obstinately, and once in a while I catch a glimpse of the Promised Land. Am I to be like the great leader of the Hebrews, or will I really attain unto it ? I have a large studio in the country. I can work better there than in the city. I have made some progress. Oh, why so late and so painful ? Must art indeed be a priesthood, demanding that the faithful be bound to it body and soul ?"

Paul Cézanne ; Letter to Vollard - Aix, 9 January, 1903

Paul Cézanne - Mont Sainte-Victoire (1902-04)

An analysis by Dr Steven Zucker et Dr Beth Harris (5min)

(sous-titres français)

"The point to be made clear is that, whatever may be our temperament, or our power in the presence of nature, we have to render what we actually see, forgetting everything that appeared before our own time. Which, I think, should enable the artist to express his personality to the full, be it large or small."

Paul Cézanne ; Letter to Émile Bernard, 23 October 1905

Why is Paul Cézanne called: "The father of modern art" ? (8min)

Paul Cézanne's "Bathers": An analysis (25min)

"Paul Cézanne’s ‘Bathers’ conveys how Cézanne would slowly and methodically 'construct' a picture rather than simply drawing one. Rosalind McKever walks you through the history of Cézanne’s practice and how he has continued to inspired artists throughout history."

"The Getty Cézanne: Is Beauty Mystery ?, by"Richard Brettell

Paul Cézanne : A collection of 645 works in HD


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