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The Mysteries of Hieronymus Bosch

"Hieronymus Bosch is one of the most cryptic artistic figures of the Northern Renaissance. Not only have his paintings baffled art experts and critics and defied rational interpretations for centuries, we know almost nothing about the man, who he was, where he came from, or why he painted what he painted. (...)

These web pages present an extensive, in-depth series of slideshows intended to conclusively demonstrate what Bosch intended to his viewers to understand, along with a detailed analysis of his symbolism and methodology."

The Esoteric Bosch, by Lee van Laer


"The Wayfarer" : Hieronymus Bosch and the search for the inner self

by Lee van Laer

"In one of those highly improbable yet delightful Bosch moments, the traveler has the most extraordinary thing hanging from his bag: of all things: a cat skin !

This is particularly interesting because, in my eyes, it is almost certainly a visual reference to the expression, "there's more than one way to skin a cat." From what I can gather, the first known literary reference to this expression is from John Ray's collection of English proverbs in 1678, but the visual evidence here suggests the expression has earlier origins. .. But the presence of the cat skin here implies that our traveler knows how to skin a cat. He is wise; he is resourceful, and he is above all flexible."

The Wayfarer: Hieronymus Bosch and the search for the inner self


Bosch - The Garden of Earthly Delights (Detail)

The Devil and his Works: the Owl in Hieronymus Bosch

by Benno Zuiddam

"Demons, evil creatures, weird and outright nightmarish and grotesque pictures dominate the work of Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516). Why did he paint in this way ? (..) Is this a symbol of wisdom or rather something very sinister ? Either interpretation has crucial implications for understanding Bosch’s works of art and the message he wished to portray. Whether the owl represents great learning, or presides over many a scene of sin and destruction, has great consequences for one’s interpretation of Bosch’s art."

The Devil and his Works: the Owl in Hier
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"Nicholas Baum , who has been fascinated by these haunting paintings for many years, began his investigation in the belief that we would never know their full meaning. After a journey which took him to Holland, Spain. and Portugal, he is convinced that he has found the key."

Documentary, 1983


Hieronymus Bosch: Documentary with Brian Sewell


The Haywain Triptych - Hieronymus Bosch

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